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Yana Ibrahim

Yana-Ibrahim What inspired you to teach?
My journey into being a fitness instructor started when I injured my knee and had to get an ACL reconstruction surgery. I had to find other ways to keep myself active besides running. So I explored swimming, Pilates and yoga. I found that with increased yoga practice, I became a better and happier person. I am less "reactive" to stressful situations. I think first before I act or speak. I watch my words knowing that words can hurt people. I learn that if I have nothing positive to add to a conversation, I will remain quite. Yoga also increased my flexibility physically and mentally.

What 3 things do you specialize in as a teacher?

  • Increase total body strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve posture and core strength
  • Increase flexibility and joint mobility


Describe the environment of your class:
Strength Cardio Interval Class, Wednesday @ 645pm
The class is geared towards someone who is interested in increasing their overall body strength and cardiovascular fitness. Maximum number of 8 participants are allowed in each class which means you have a small group environment that will allow the instructor to connect and correct more efficiently. The class usually starts with 10 minutes of full body warm up followed by a 5 minutes movement preparatory sequence which will increase range of movement. The main workout portion will last about 30 minutes where each muscles group is targeted with specific strength exercise. The last 10 minutes is dedicated to cardio interval section and also a stretching sequence to aid muscle recovery. All fitness levels welcome.

Foam Roller Stretch Class, Wednesday @ 8pm
This is a great class to "decompress" as it is a nice setting to release any tension that you may hold throughout the day. We start the class with a 20 minutes foam rolling session followed by 25 minutes of stretching. I do include the use of props during the stretch portion of the class such as blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters. Gentle and calming music will be played to aid the relaxation process. All fitness levels welcome.


Why do you like teaching at fitLOCALfit?
This space is a "welcoming" positive space for both members and teachers. I love how everyone that comes in here always have a smile on their face.



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