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Yana Ibrahim

yana-ibrahim What brought you to yoga?

I underwent an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery on my left knee six years ago and turned to yoga as a form of rehabilitation. I came to yoga classes back then wanting to gain physical benefits but found so much more. I find that I am a better version of myself when I practice yoga.

What inspired you to teach?
I was and still am a personal trainer before I got involved in yoga. I enjoy teaching people and seeing their reaction/transformation when they come to my classes!

What three things do you specialize in as a teacher?
1) explanation of the purpose of each posture
2) teaching my students the importance of breath in yoga and in their daily lives
3) guided systematic deep relaxation at the end of every class!

Describe the environment of your class:
This is a welcoming space and no one is judged. "Come as you are and accept the beauty of your unique yoga practice”.


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