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Class Descriptions

Expanding Yoga HotHotMusic

This class is for students who have an existing yoga practice of any style and want to take it to a deeper level. In this class we will begin to explore, with specific hands-on instruction, deeper expressions of the poses with an emphasis on stronger transitions and using more activation and less momentum within the transitions. There is an equal focus on strength and flexibility with directed body awareness.

Foam Roller-Stretch WarmMusic

Learn self-myofascial release techniques through the use of the foam roller. Using foam roller as part of your training program will improve your flexibility, function, performance, and reduce injuries. It is similar to giving yourself a massage using your own body weight to roll around on the foam roller. Some of the benefits of foam-rolling include:

  • Improve joint range of motion
  • Reduce muscle tightness and soreness
  • Maintains normal functional muscular length

We will end off this class with some simple stretches to maintain muscle and joint fluidity.

Foundation Yoga WarmMusic

For beginners and intermediate students working to create a regular practice. In this class you will begin to build strength, find more stability, fine tune alignment and use better breathing techniques.

Pilates Work it Circuit WarmMusic

For students of all levels. In this unique blend of Pilates springboard, mat work and yoga postures you will gain core strength, flexibility, and improved posture. Revolving stations including work with magic circles, springboards, foam rollers, balls and your own body weight will keep your workout dynamic and complete!

Power Hour WarmMusic

For students of all levels. This class includes warm up stretches, strong yoga sequencing and core strengthening exercises to create a powerful condensed practice.

Mixed Levels YOGA WarmMusic

For students of all levels. This class will help build strength, flexibility and awareness of breath. Classes will be structured for all levels with hands-on alignment instruction and modifications.

Restorative YOGA WarmMusic

For students of all levels. This class uses deep meditative poses, supported by props and held for extended periods of time, to rejuvenate and re-balance the body. This class is a wonderful addition for practitioners of any level.

Therapeutic Yoga WarmMusic

For students of all levels. In these specialized classes you will deepen your knowledge through specific postures to find the right alignment for your body. You will learn to practice with a more comprehensive awareness to work through limitations of your specific bone and muscular structure.

Yin Yoga WarmMusic

For students of all levels. In this class we target the connective tissues, such as tendons, ligaments and fascia, while opening the body’s meridian system. Yin restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints and enhances the body’s energetic flow to support emotional equilibrium. Poses are held in stillness for 2 to 5 minutes allowing you to discover the deep layers of your body, correct imbalances and release tension. This practice is a perfect complement to other styles of yoga and other forms of exercise.

Yoga For Everyone WarmMusic

For, well, EVERYONE! This is similar to our mixed level class but condensed into one hour. It is a low-intensity but complete stretch/strength/alignment gentle flow. It's a great total body tune-up!


Athletic Pilates Mat is designed for those who are seeking something a bit more demanding from their Pilates workout. It's a step up from traditional Pilates mat classes and offers a challenging and intensive athletic session with a significant cardio component. The class incorporates standard Pilates training, which involves strengthening core muscles while enhancing balance, flexibility, and range of motion. In addition, it will also utilize props such as foam rollers, blocks, and physio-balls to intensify the level of difficulty. The class is both playful and fun.


*instructors may modify music and heat levels for individual classes

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