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Personal Training


It can be difficult to cultivate a consistent workout program and stay committed to a training schedule that will help you can reach your fitness goals. Working with a personal trainer will keep you motivated, interested, invested, challenged and help you integrate a lasting routine into your life to stay healthier!

We offer members a FREE fitness KICKSTART session so you can get a taste of how personal training works before you commit and familiarize yourself with our KINESIS TECHNOGYM STATIONS ORIENTATIONS.

Take a look at our Personal Training page for rates. Contact Us if interested in taking the steps to a healthier, more energetic life!


(Complimentary for members)

Take advantage of a FREE 30-minute meeting with a personal trainer. Use this 30-minute session as a one -on-one orientation with our equipment or to create a workout program you can do. The time is yours to address any fitness aspect you like.

Please fill out our Sign Up form and let us know your preferred facility, overall goals, available windows of time (days and times) and any other details that would be advantageous to matching you up with the right trainer (i.e. injuries, recent medical conditions etc.)