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Directions & Locations

fitLOCALfit currently consists of two locations –  in Bernal Heights, fitBERNALfit (fBf) and in Glen Park, housing both fitGLENfit (fGf) and Sunporch Yoga Studio. Membership allows you access all locations!

Members have access to both gyms everyday from 5:00am-11:00pm. Nonmembers can only access the gyms during staff hours, by appointment, or after participating in a small group training class.


Bernal Heights
701 Cortland Ave., SF, CA 94110
Tel: 415-874-9401

Click here to view our scheduled fBf staff hours and plan a visit


Glen Park
666 Chenery St., SF, CA 94131
Tel: 415-466-6865

Click here to view our scheduled fGf staff hours and plan a visit


Glen Park
666 Chenery St., SF, CA 94131

If you are new to fitLOCALfit, we encourage you to check out our Membership page and Peaceful Gym & Studio Policies page.


  • fitBERNALfit is accessible via the #67 and #24 MUNI lines.
  • fitGLENfit and Sunporch Yoga are two blocks from the Glen Park BART station, the Glen Park MUNI stop, and a block away from the bus lines of the 23 Hunter’s Point, 52 Excelsior, 35 Castro, 44 Sunset, 26 Ingleside.

Parking Tips

  • There is no parking lot for fitBERNALfit but there is plenty of metered parking on Cortland Ave and free parking on off-streets.
  • There is no parking lot for fitGLENfit and Sunporch Yoga, but there are 280 parking spots on the street within a few blocks radius of the gym. There is metered parking and some off-street parking available. Be sure to note the street signs as the off-street parking is permitted.
  • We also encourage you to ride your bike. We provide bike parking in front of both locations.


666 Chenery Street
San Francisco CA 94131

P. 415.466.6865


701 Cortland Ave.
San Francisco CA 94110

P. 415.874.9401