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Katy Storch

katy storch

What inspired you to teach?
As a spin instructor, I've always loved the challenge of learning how I can best motivate others. Teaching has allowed me to share my love for cycling and build community around that love.

What 3 things do you specialize in as a teacher?

1) Coaching riders to build resilience

2) Fostering a sense of community in classes

3) Focusing on solid form and technique

Describe the environment of your class.
The environment of my class is a mixture of light-hearted/fun (and some awkwardness on my part), positive, challenging, and always motivating. I'm not one to expect perfection; however, I do expect each rider to put forward his or her best effort in every moment of my class.


What do you like about teaching at fitLOCALfit?
I love the experience of growing and taking part in the tight-knit, eco-conscious community at fitLOCALfit. I love that I have the chance to meet my students, learn their names, and see each of them individually improve as cyclists.

What is your class going to be like?
My classes are a mixture of rhythm riding and mimicking an outdoor ride. I always encourage my riders to put their safety/health first. Also, my drills never get too fancy or else I think I'd fall off my bike :)