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Katie Caughman

Katie_Photo What brought you to yoga?
My path to yoga began on a physical level but quickly evolved into a deep appreciation of the practice’s mind, body, and soul connection. I knew this practice was much more than its physical benefits, and I wanted to explore it on a deeper level.

What inspired you to teach?
During a stressful period in my corporate career, yoga became my sanctuary. With a desire to deepen my knowledge and share the joy of yoga, I earned my teaching certification and completed specialized training in restorative yoga.

What are three things you specialize in as a teacher?
1) Clear and safe instruction
2) incorporating relaxation and stress relief techniques including breathing techniques, meditation, aromatherapy, and restorative postures
3) encouraging students to honor their evolving energy levels, modifying as much as needed and taking fuller expressions when a challenge is desired!

Describe the environment of your class:
Calming and nurturing with just enough challenge for a Sunday morning.


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