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Jim Wolff


What inspired you to teach?
California brought me to fitness. I moved here to join friends in the restaurant scene. We got off at midnight, drank until the sun came up, and slept until we had to go to work again. I realized I had to meet some folks who were active in the daytime to balance this vampire life. I joined up with the outdoors programs co-op at USCF. There was a gym there. We kayaked and white water rafted. I became an instructor. Then a cyclist. Then a spin instructor and a personal trainer.

What 3 things you specialize in as a teacher?

  • Functional approach to fitness
  • Creating programs that fit a busy lifestyle
  • Weight loss


Describe the environment of your class:
The Circuit Class features 2 sets of 6 exercises done in timed interval circuits. Your strength, balance, agility and cardio capacity will be challenged. You will sweat. You will laugh. This class is great snow sport conditioning and excellent cross-training for other sports.

What do you like about teaching at fitLOCALfit?
I love working in the community I live in. The gyms are beautiful and clean. The equipment is great. Members support each other. I’ve had members cheer on clients success.


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