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Founding Mission

fitLOCALfit is a family-owned business, established in 2009 by a husband-wife team, Dean, and Jeanne Eriksen. We opened fitBERNALfit with the dream of creating a space that is convenient and enjoyable, making it easy to squeeze in a workout on a busy day and also be able to find an inspiring fitness community to give you a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Using our past experiences as gym members and input from the community, we developed a gym environment that has it all. fitLOCALfit’s locations offer solutions that you won’t see elsewhere. We strive to think about fitness differently and create modern, holistic solutions that work towards helping you attain your ultimate fitness goals. Every policy is created with our customers in mind. We focus on being fair, accommodating and attainable for all. We strive to have open communication with our members, responding to issues as swiftly as possible.  We believe there is more to it than just housing fitness equipment; we strive to help you find solutions to keep you motivated and on your path to health.

Jeanne Lynch Eriksen - Co-founder and owner

founder_Jeanne Personal experience and market research suggest that if your gym is within reasonable walking distance to your home you will use it more often – especially in San Francisco. While it’s common to put the needs of your loved ones before your own, convenience can make a huge difference when working towards a healthier lifestyle. Since 2009 I have been running the dog-friendly fitness center fitBERNALfit and walking dogs as a certified dog walker through DOGtec. The concept behind providing dog-friendly fitness solutions arose when I found a gym walking distance from home, but not having a place to safely secure my dog during my workout meant choosing between a workout for me or a dog walk for him. Solving this problem was the impetus behind opening my first dog-friendly fitness center, located in a formerly abandoned storefront in Bernal Heights. This became our flagship location—fitBERNALfit. fitness for you. fun for your dog.


Dean Eriksen - owner and co-founder

founder_DeanAlt I have always been interested in observing how people relate to their environment over time; paying attention to cultural geography and how it influences people. Being very active in sports and fitness, I often found myself going to gyms where the policies and offerings were not conducive to what I was looking for as a was just a gym.  When the idea and opportunity came about in Bernal Heights to offer a fitness solution to the community I realized it was a chance to help positively influence one's relationship with their environment through creating a different kind of fitness facility.  fBf/fGf have turned out to be exactly that, a neighborhood location where residents can network with each other, catch up with friends and escape their daily activities while improving their health and outlook on life.



We love hearing how fitLOCALfit has positively affected your life. We hear stories of appreciation from clients about training to partake in Bay to Breakers and completing the race, feeling comforted knowing their dog is getting outside while they are at work, losing those extra pounds, reenergizing family relationships, or just the benefit having a place to decompress after work. It brings us joy and inspiration knowing that our realized dream of fitLOCALfit has helped our clients achieve these goals.

You will see us around the gyms and on the mat or bike next to you in class. You may even see us instruct a class here and there!   We are not only the owners, we are members too! We are highly involved in the day to day operations and making sure our vision is being carried out. We want you to have fun, enjoy your membership and get the best out of what we can offer.  We look forward to welcoming you to the community and living a more stress-free, energetic and healthy lifestyle!

If you are new to fitLOCALfit, please check out our Peaceful Gym & Studio Policies…..we hope to see you in the gym or a class soon!