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Membership FAQ

How do I sign up to gain access to your gyms and yoga studio?
Please visit us during posted staff hours or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment. Alternatively feel free to join online. Then come visit us during staff hours or by appointment to have facility access set up.

Do you offer a trial pass?
Everyone’s first workout is free during staff hours. We also offer a 1-month membership option to try things out before committing to a formal membership. Contact us to learn more about this option.

Can other people use my membership?
No, memberships are individually issued. Passing off your access key card or bringing a non-member to the gym without prior consent is a violation of membership terms and can lead to additional fines and/or immediate membership termination. Our policy is designed for member protection and failure to comply creates a liability issue.

If I lose my access key card how do I use my membership?
If lost please visit us during posted staff hours or Contact us to schedule and appointment to have a new access key card issued.

What is the guest policy?
Member guests can have option for a weeklong membership. Please Contact us if you wish to bring a guest and learn more about available options.

Can I convert from one membership type to the next?
It depends on the type of membership you currently have. Upgrade and downgrade terms can be found on our Membership Change Form and on your membership contract. Requests must be submitted through this form so they are properly tracked and time stamped.

What are the age restrictions for joining fit LOCAL fit?
Youth between the ages of 13-16 years are permitted to join fit LOCAL fit. They are required to be under onsite supervision of a parent/guardian who has an active membership during each visit. For liability reasons parent/guardian supervision is required at all times. Age 16+ can have their own membership without parent/guardian supervision.

Membership Dues FAQs

Do you offer a family membership discount?
We offer a household discount. The first member of the household pays a membership initiation fee. Any additional members of the same household have their initiation fees waived so long as first member is in good standing. Proof of same household is required.

How are membership dues paid?
Membership dues are automatically processed via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) either by a valid credit card or a checking account on file.

When are membership dues paid?
The initiation fee and last month’s dues are paid upon joining. Monthly dues are paid in arrears at the end of each month cycle. The date you sign up is the date of your monthly cycle.

If I sign up for an annual or unlimited membership, do I have to pay for the whole year upfront?
You have the option to do so, otherwise all dues (except last month dues) are charged monthly.

How can I prevent my membership fees from increasing over time?
By renewing your annual contract you are guaranteed of never having a price increase.

If I have billing or other membership related questions who do I contact?
Simply send us an email from our Contact us page. Our goal is to respond within 24 hours.

Membership Hold/Cancellation FAQs

Can I put my membership on hold?
Open-ended memberships can put memberships on hold for up to 3 months per year. Hold requests must be submitted through the Membership Change Form so they are properly tracked and time stamped.

What is the membership cancellation policy?
Your contract will clearly stipulate the cancellation terms for each membership type. Open-ended memberships require a 30-day email cancellation notice. Membership cancellations under a defined term (ie Annual or Unlimited) are in accordance with CA state law and buyout options are listed in your contract terms. Cancellation requests must be submitted through the Membership Change Form so they are properly tracked and time stamped.

If I cancel my membership and rejoin at a later date do I have to pay another initiation fee?
The initiation fee is forfeited if you cancel your membership and then sign up later. A new initiation fee and published rates at that time would be applicable when rejoining.

Personal Training/Classes FAQs

Do you offer personal training?
Yes! Please visit our Personal Training page for more information and request an appointment. All memberships include a FREE 30 minute Kick starter with a personal trainer. Membership rates for personal training are discounted.

Can I bring my own personal trainer to the gym with me?
No, we offer personal training services and hand select our trainers to ensure they are a good fit for our members and business. Bringing in your own trainer is a liability issue and violates the membership terms.

Are classes included with my membership?
Standard Annual and Monthly Memberships include a FREE class credit. After that, each class is 50% off the posted non-member single class rate. Members always pay the lowest rate. Unlimited memberships include unlimited access to all group studio classes. Weekend Membership does NOT qualify for discounted rates.

If I am not a member can I still sign up for a class and/or use the gym?
Yes, non-members may sign up online for the classes and drop in to use the gym during staff hours. Please visit our Non-member Options page or consider a 1-month trial membership.

When do I pay for a class?
Classes are paid for in advance and online via credit card. It paves the way for smoother check-in and on-time classes. If you must pay in cash when you arrive, please have exact change.

Do I need to reserve a spot for a class or can I just drop in?
All the small group classes are limited to no more than 10 participants. Some classes are limited to 8 participants. We recommended reserving your spot ahead of class to ensure you can participate. Members can schedule classes up to 4 weeks in advance so they can ensure a regular schedule. You are more than welcome to drop in and if we can accommodate we certainly will.

Is Sunporch Yoga included as part of the Small Group Class Offering?
Yes, the Sunporch Yoga studio is part of our studio network and your fitLOCALfit class credits and membership discounts apply to all classes at fitBERNALfit, fitGLENfit and Sunporch Yoga.

Fun for Your Dog FAQs

Do I need a dog in order to have a membership?
No dog needed for a membership! We simply believe both humans and canines need regular exercise and thus offer low cost dog services for those members who do have dogs.

How can my dog qualify for your dog services?
We screen all dogs and will require you to complete a dog intake form to ensure that there are no compatibility concerns and that we’re aware of all dietary and social variables.

How do I schedule a dog lounge visit?
The fBf Dog Lounge is currently closed and unavailable. Dog Walking services are currently offered on a limited basis. Contact us for available options and scheduling requests.