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Crystal Higgins

CrystalHiggins What brought you to yoga?
My mother brought me to yoga when I was 16, and since then yoga has been one of the most important things in my life. My practice deeply nourishes my mind, body and heart and without it I would be a very different person. It has helped me pull through divorce, past trauma and life everyday challenges and rewards with grace.

What inspired you to teach?
I was pulled to yoga teacher training after directly experiencing the effects of this practice to improve my life, shift out of ruts, get what I truly want and live every day more fully. I knew that if I experienced these shifts others would too.

What are three things you specialize in as a teacher?
1) helping students see where they are stuck, and learn how to shift
2) working with women during all stages of life and in helping individuals work through their past traumas
3) to come more fully alive in life on and off our yoga mats.

Describe the environment of your class:
My classes are warm, playful and welcoming to all. I look forward to practicing with you!!

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