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Arwyn Moonrise

arwyn-moonrise What brought you to yoga?
My earliest exposure to yoga was as a toddler trying to emulate my mother while she practiced. Finding the practice so early in life set me up to continue to connect with yoga, and I returned to it out of necessity after being diagnosed with scoliosis in my teens and being wheelchair-bound after having leg surgery.

What inspired you to teach?
Yoga was so integral in my physical and emotional recovery that I decided to continue my practice by studying to be able to share it with others. My study of yoga was intensive and paired with a very comprehensive study of human anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. I used my schooling and my own experience with injury, pain and recovery to fully understand body mechanics and how to implement that knowledge into my teaching.

What three things do you specialize in as a teacher?
1) comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology and the ability to use this knowledge to see both the physical and energetic body to help each student find his/her proper posture/movement.
2) to help reeducate the muscular body to alleviate stress and pain and gain strength and stability
3) to really challenge each student at his/her level with grace and humor!

Describe the environment of your class:
I love to laugh. I truly care about your relationship to your practice; I want you to feel like you are participating in creating your practice, not just going through the motions. I love it when students ask questions; this is YOUR practice, I am just the humble guide. You will work hard. You will most likely sweat. You might laugh. You will PLANK.

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