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Anthony Garcia

anthony-garcia What brought you to yoga?
I came to the practice of yoga because of a bad back (herniated disks L-4 and L-5). At the suggestion of my doctor I started practicing at the age of 40.

What inspired you to teach?
I was inspired to teach because I wanted to help others reduce stress, build muscle, and work towards a pain free life both on and off the mat. I believe in the integral practice of yoga, all eight limbs, when practiced as a lifestyle, over a long period of time will take care of a multitude of ailments.

What three things do you specialize in as a teacher?
1) an openness to meeting people where they are in their practice
2) emphasizing the importance of breath awareness!
3) I do my best to make each class fun, but always challenging.!

Describe the environment of your class:
My class is accessible, informative, fun, and challenging.

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