Trainer Bios

Andrea P. Rocha

Training Philosophy
I truly love what I do so I believe my energy and passion come through during ...

Jim Wolff

Training Philosophy: I was never an athlete when I was young. I understand the challenge ...

Jorge Bueso

Training Philosophy
For me training or exercise is not only about coming to the gym and jumping ...

Khalid Helmy

Training Philosophy
I believe that hard work and dedication produce results. I also believe that ...

Mary Beth Rockwell

Training Philosophy:
Always remember your "why". Why do you have your particular fitness goal...?

Medwin Mina

Degrees & Certification

NCEP - CPT TRX - STC GSTC RTC and GRTC USAW Olympic Weightlifting ...

Melissa Gordon-Wollin

Training Philosophy

I am a personal trainer that focuses on optimizing and strengthening the ...

Rich Thurman III

Training Philosophy
To me, exercise is a small component of overall wellness, which includes ...

Yana Ibrahim

Training Philosophy
My training philosophy is making fitness fun and functional. Much of my ...